Family owned and operated, West on Warren Gallery + Grill is about more than just food and art -- every part of our restaurant is designed to build community. We are dedicated to providing a space where friends and family gather to enjoy the best food and drink in the most inspiring environment possible.

Located at 200 W. Warren Street (across the street from Old Hoosier Meats), in the newly renovated Filling Station Building (est. 1926). West on Warren Gallery + Grill graciously features clean urban design with original artwork, being in perfect harmony with the cuisine.


Carrie Boyer, owner

Carrie and her family are long-time “Middlebury-ians” - committed to the quality of life and educational opportunities in the community. Carrie worked in different restaurants during high school and college; and, even after completing college it was still her favorite job. She loves interacting with people and learning about different ways of life. Working with the Middlebury Chamber of Commerce and Vibrant Communities, it was brought to her attention the need to incorporate art into the community - thus the birth of West on Warren Gallery + Grill.

Family inspires Carrie; so, it’s no surprise that West on Warren is family-owned and operated. “By opening this [West on Warren],  it gives everyone the ability to shine a little bit in the area they are good at, while being able to give back to the community that I have loved since I was a child,” Carrie said.

Brittney Lehman, Co-owner

A native of Syracuse, Ind., Brittney Lehman found a love for art history while earning her B.A.E. in Art Education and Art History at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. While working through art school Brittney spent most of her time in restaurants. She was fortunate to work in different environments and see the pros and cons of different operations. Working to bring West on Warren to life is really bringing those great memories back into focus.

She hopes West on Warren will be a place friends can come and enjoy themselves. She’s most excited about the patio and the outdoor seating - a place she envisions many great memories being made. The gallery aspect of the restaurant is also exciting to Brittney, in that West on Warren has the ability to really showcase and celebrate local artists and give them a platform to get their name and their work out to the public.

Kemberly Soucy, co-owner

Kemberly has extensive experience in the restaurant and bar industry. She has worked front of house and back of house for years, her favorite being tending the bar. She likes the fast pace and artful nature of being a bartender. She loves getting to know customers and building lasting relationships rather than turning tables. Kemberly understands that each person’s job is important and impacts all area of the restaurant and customer experience.

Kemberly is inspired most by her family, and her children are her number one priority. She hopes West on Warren will be a place her kids can create memories with their cousins, aunts and uncles. Kemberly grew up in Syracuse, Ind.


Building History


This photo was taken in 1931 of the service station, known then as Standard Oil Company. The man in front is the owner, Edwin Eash.
(Photo and history provided by Kim Clarke)

Our building was built in 1926 by Robert Gannon and David O. Nihart. Several ownership changes of the service station were made during the years. When Ed Eash purchased the filling station in 1929 from Vern Albert, it was called Crystal Springs Station.

In 1948, Woodrow Bickel had his barbershop in part of it until he moved to Main Street in 1957.

In 1956, D&M Appliance Store was in the garage portion of the building and took over the entire building in 1957. In 1958, it was a dress shop on one side and a beauty shop on the other side. In 1961, a business called Camper's Corner took over where the dress shop was located. The building became a residence for awhile until it became a quilt and gift shop in 1981.

Most recently, the building was home to Countryscapes Floral & Gift Shop, who sold the building to West on Warren in 2016.