Linda Pieri

Linda Pieri grew up in Northern Indiana. She began her study of art an early age and mentored under an accomplished artist. She went on to study art at North Texas State University and illustration at the Art Institute of Dallas.

Linda’s artwork has been influenced through living abroad in Northern Ireland and through her extensive travels throughout England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France and South Africa. Most recently Linda has been influenced by the impressionist artists and has been inspired by Monet’s works. Through her recent trip to Giverny, France, she studied Monet’s Water Lily Gardens and his artistic technique. This enabled her to develop her painting skills as an inspiring Impressionist artist.

“Art is never to be compared to photographs. In artwork, paintings and drawings are so much more than a photograph. They take on a bit of the artist’s soul, and emotions. There is the sun dancing off of the object you are painting, or life and pain expressed through the eyes of the person you are drawing.”

Over the past five years, Linda has taken on art students from ages 5-70, and has taught over 500+ in the art of acrylic painting and/or graphite drawing. She teaches out of her home, homeschool groups, art in the park programs, free library classes and other area  locations. She tries to instill the love of art through her students, while teaching them to “not just look at what you’re drawing or painting, but to see what is really there.”

You won't want to miss this exhibition on display now through October 31.