Concert Night: Bergamot
7:00 PM19:00

Concert Night: Bergamot

Nathaniel Paul Hoff grew up in South Bend and resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Jillian Speece. In 2001 at the age of thirteen he began songwriting and performing live. By the time he was seventeen he had already taught himself how to record and produced his own album and shortly after he met Jillian Speece during his senior year of high school. Instantly they connected and began songwriting together. Nathaniel recorded and produced a album with Jillian that winter and since those day many moons have past yet Nathaniel has proven over and over that his dedication to music powerful as he continues to amaze all who behold his musical genius unfolding. Most days he can be found in his studio sipping coffee, creating poignant upbeat songs.


Since 2010, he has produced three EP's and three albums for The Bergamot and is a key component to The Bergamot’s massive touring and album success over the past six years for Nathaniel's love for music knows no bounds. In October 2015, after touring America over six times, he came up with The Unity Collective. At first The Unity Collective was just a concept then soon after it became a peace movement.  The heart of the movement is to be love and spread a message of unity and peace to all people building radical inclusivity through the power of music, community, and collaboration. The Unity Collective manifested as a 50-state tour and The Unity Car came out of the 2016 tour. Click here for more details the the amazing story of The Unity Car

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